A recently unknown pitch reel was found at the DC archives done by Hanna-Barbera for a possible spin-off for "Super Friends". In 1978, noticing the success of "Charlie's Angel" and the live-action "Wonder Woman" series, H-B pitched a "Super Friends" called "Super Women" which would star Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and the possible first animated appearance of Supergirl. In this proposed series, Batman's butler, Alfred, would set up a new crime investigation side unit for the Justice League involving the female members of the team. Each cartoon would involve Alfred assigning Wonder Woman and new recruits, Batgirl and Supergirl to different missions around the world investigating mysterious happenings. These location would include Atlantis, Australia, New York, the Himalayas (where this possible adventure involves Barbara Gordon trying to find balance between spending a vacation with her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and her mission as Batgirl), Paris, and even Paradise Island. Cameos from other Justice League members occur as well as appearances from villains such as Cheetah, Penguin, Brainiac, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy (another possible animated debut).

In addition to these adventures, was a side series called "Super Pets" which Evanier was working on that featured Streaky (Supergirl's cat), Ace the Bathound, Jumpa (Wonder Woman's kangaroo), and the occasional appearance of Krypto helping out the animal kingdom in all manners. Mel Blanc was scheduled to voice Streaky in a Sylvester type voice and the staff couldn't help themselves of doing a running gag where Streaky keeps calling Jumpa a "giant mousthe".

The designs were done by Alex Toth who slightly modified Wonder Woman's design to reflect the TV show and mainly used the then current comic designs for the other human characters and their outfits. The animal designs were more Hanna-Barbera looking.

The show was not picked up for a few reasons. One was that Filmation had the exclusive animation right to use Batgirl and were going to use her for their "New Adventures of Batman" series (the one with Batmite) and H-B couldn't use her. The other reason was the network didn't think girls wouldn't be interested in super heroes and end up rejecting it. H-B tried to re-pitched "Super Pets", but they soon realized it wouldn't hold up by itself and were not allowed to pair it with their established characters (like they later did with other comic characters like Marvel's The Thing, Lil' Abner's the Schmoo, and Harvey's Richie Rich) and ended up shelving that as well.

Enough talk. Here's the rare pitch: .
Bobby Bickert
Ironically this eventually happened thanks to Lauren Faust, first with her "Super Best Friends Forever" shorts (which actually pre-date this thread), then DC Super Hero Girls, though that series added additional DC Comics characters. (But why is Green Lantern female now?)

And Krypto and Streaky did get their own TV series in recent years (which also pre-dates this thread), followed by last year's CGI-animated theatrical movie DC League of Super-Pets. (Though it gave Wonder Woman a pet pig instead of a kangaroo.)

(Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I thought it was interesting that what was intended as an April Fools Day thread ended up coming true. And this should be my final day of necroposting.)
That's Jessica Cruz who debut in 2014. Don't worry, Hal's in the show too (which has, unfortunately, ended prematurely after two seasons).
Bobby Bickert
Did you get the idea to include Alfred from the short-lived Birds of Prey TV series?


(There's an error in the listing. It should say Dina Meyer, not Dina Scott. She and Ashley Scott put a lot of Lifetime movies under their belts after this short-lived series ended. And of course Rachel Skarsten later played crazy Beth Kane on Batwoman.)
Originally Posted by: Bobby Bickert 

Did you get the idea to include Alfred from the short-lived Birds of Prey TV series?

No, as I mentioned in my post, the fake show was supposed to be based on "Charle's Angels", so Afred would have been the John Bosley of the show.
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