Here is a rare treat for you! Jerico Dvorak has posted a print of Bob Clampett's 1941 short Farm Frolics on YouTube. It not only has its original title cards, but also a scene involving a spitting grasshopper that was cut when it was reissued as a "Blue Rubbon" short in 1949.

The print has found by David Gerstein in the Library of Congress, and was sourced from an original 35mm nitrate print.

Fascinating, both in the title sequence that allows the chorus to actually finish the song, and that deleted grasshopper sequence. Seems not so much a spitting gag as a jab at the Production Code. Interesting that the gag here had to be cut while the 'Give me the Bird!!' gag in 'A Tale of Two Kitties' was left in.
Uh, what's the deal with the uploader's false representation of the video's nature? The title card and grasshopper segment (and following shot zooming in on the anthill) are from the "new scan" of a nitrate print, but the body of the cartoon (at least picture-wise) is otherwise sourced from the Golden Collection restoration, and the opening/closing rings are recreated.

That said, the most important bits here are the real deal, and definitely an unexpected treat; thanks much for pointing it out here! It's news to me there was a scene cut; the edits in the reissue version are pretty non-obvious. Strikes me as odd, though, that it would be cut for a reissue if it passed Breen Office scrutiny originally; is the print in question actually from the original release or another instance of an uncut pre-release print that was preserved in the studio's holdings or, somehow, in private hands?
What an interesting find! I wonder if the Library of Congress has any more prints of Warner shorts with orginal titles.
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