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The Paramount Presents Blu Ray line has just announced a Blu Ray for '48 Hours', but what's most amusing is the fact that a 1966 Paramount cartoon (the last Seyour Keintel worked on in fact), "Space Kid" is included on the set (albeit only due to the fact it plays in the BG of the film on a TV). Restored or not, it's rather odd Paramount acknowledged their cartoon library with this bonus, I kinda hope they do it more with this Home Media line in the future. I know I'm making one small thing out to be a big thing, but considering Paramount hasn't done anything with their library since god-knows-when, it kinda is a big deal, even is likely just a one time thing...
I heard about this, this is BIG news!!!

It could be the start of something, I'm telling you. Slowly but hopefully surely. 😉
Shouldn't this thread be in the "TTTP In Exile" forum, since this is a theatrical cartoon?
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Shouldn't this thread be in the "TTTP In Exile" forum, since this is a theatrical cartoon?

I agree. It's been moved.
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Two notes:

1. I wasn't sure since it was mostly home media related if it was TTTP or General, but thanks for letting me know

2. Toonatic, it isn't quite big news YET, but it's nice to see Paramount acknowledging they own a cartoon library for once. Maybe a push in including future cartoons on releases would help, but I doubt it right now, we'll see as time goes by

for those still wondering, the disc released the 6th and space kid is indeed restored and in hd. but, following a trend that has persisted for years, it is presented in 1.37 instead of paramount's shorts standard aspect ratio of 1.66. better more than less i guess, but im mildly miffed.
cleanup errors are present in fast-paced scenes. all 1-and-a-half of them.