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By the way...I had completely forgotten about this, and I know the original author isn't including budget/PD releases, but just for information in case anyone wants to know...

About a dozen (?) years ago, one of those "dollar DVD" companies (East West Entertainment LLC) released DVD versions of a couple Harvey character videos originally released in the 1980s by Worldvision Home Video. There are two (that I know of) and each includes a cartoon or two that didn't make the cut for the "Complete Harveytoons" DVD set (except as clips).

These are ostensibly public domain releases, but I am gonna make an educated guess and say I am pretty sure these are unauthorized (and therefore technically "pirate" releases). Like I said though, just putting this out there for the record.

As these are dupes of the Worldvision tapes (which predated the "Harveytoon Show" by at least 12 years), the first cartoon will have the full "Harvey Films" main title, but no end title. The rest are truncated, starting on the name of the cartoon, and the last one (only) will have a Harvey end title.

All of these cartoons have slightly longer run times than on the "Complete Harveytoons" DVD set, possibly due to the cartoons in the box set being time sped.

"Baby Huey Vol. One"
<Huey's Ducky Daddy
Jumping With Toy
Scout Fellow
Git Along Lil' Duckie
+Clown On The Farm
Party Smarty
One Quack Mind
>Huey's Father's Day

"Little Audrey" (No "volume" number)
<Little Audrey Riding Hood
+Hold The Lion Please
+Law And Audrey
The Seapreme Court
Surf Bored
Dawg Gawn
Dizzy Dishes
+Fishing Tackler
>The Case Of The Cockeyed Canary

< = includes full 1950s Harvey main title
> = includes 1950s Harvey end title
+ = Only featured in "Complete Harveytoons" DVD set in clip form

I remember when the Worldvision tapes came out (I used to see them at some video rental places) but I'm not sure how many they released and which characters they covered. I know there was a Buzzy tape because I have it, and the master appears to be the source for the Buzzy cartoons on the Harveytoons DVD set. (One cartoon on the tape, "No Ifs, Ands Or Butts," was left off the DVD collection.)

Anyone know if Worldvision released anything else? I am pretty sure they released at least one tape of Casper cartoons -- they had to, right? -- and I do seem to remember one for Herman & Katnip (IIRC) though I am not positive about that.
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Amazing that some Rembrandt (Snyder) Krazy Kats WEREN'T directed by Deitch, even more see yet another, besides Rembrandt, Paramount & Kinney - i.e., Ray/Pike (TVSpots/Art.) making some.... maybe a studio breakdown of Popeyes as well...

QUit eht einteresting subject
Mark The Shark
Originally Posted by: Pokey J.Anti-Blockhead 

Amazing that some Rembrandt (Snyder) Krazy Kats WEREN'T directed by Deitch, even more see yet another, besides Rembrandt, Paramount & Kinney - i.e., Ray/Pike (TVSpots/Art.) making some.... maybe a studio breakdown of Popeyes as well...

QUit eht einteresting subject

Here they are, in the "old" "official" running order (the way they were shown in syndication)

(Dated 1960 unless otherwise stated:)

Hits And Missiles (Paramount/Seymour Kneitel)

Barbecue For Two (Jack Kinney)

(Larry Harmon/Paul Fennell:)
Muskels Shmuskels
Hoppy Jalopy
Dead-Eye Popeye
Muller's Mad Monster
Caveman Capers
Bullfighter Bully
Ace Of Space
College Of Hard Knocks
Abdominal Snowman
Ski Jump Chump
Irate Pirate
Foola-Foola Bird
Uranium On The Cranium
Two-Faced Paleface
Childhood Daze
Sheepish Sheep-Herder
Track Meet Cheat
Crystal Ball Brawl
(You can tell a lot of these are by Larry Harmon just by the titles!)

(William L. Snyder/Gene Deitch:)
Interrupted Lullaby
Sea No Evil
From Way Out
Seeing Double
Swee'Pea Soup
Hag-Way Robbery
Lost City Of Bubble-Lon, The
There's No Space Like Home
Potent Lotion
Astro-Nut, The

(Gerald Ray/Bob Bemiller:)
Where There's A Will
Take It Easel
I Bin Sculped
Fleas A Crowd
Popeye's Junior Headache

(Gerald Ray/Tom McDonald:)
Egypt Us
Big Sneeze, The
Last Resort, The
Jeopardy Sheriff
Baby Phase

(William M. Snyder/Gene Deitch:)
Goon With The Wind
Insultin' The Sultan
Dog-Gone Dog-Catcher
Voice From The Deep! or See Here Sea Hag! (1961)
Matinee Idol Popeye
Beaver Or Not

(Jack Kinney:)
Battery Up
Deserted Desert
Skinned Divers
Popeye's Service Station
Coffee House
Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium
Bird Watcher Popeye
Time Marches Backwards
Popeye's Pet Store
Ballet De Spinach
Sea Hagracy
Spinach Shortage
Popeye And The Dragon
Popeye The Fireman
Popeye's Pizza Palace
Down The Hatch
Lighthouse Keeping
Popeye And The Phantom
Popeye's Picnic
Out Of This World
Madam Salami
Timber Toppers
Skyscraper Capers
Private Eye Popeye
Little Olive Riding Hood
Popeye's Hypnotic Glance
Popeye's Trojan Horse
Frozen Feuds
Popeye's Corn Certo
Westward Ho-Ho
Popeye's Cool Pool
Jeep Jeep
Popeyes Museum Piece
Golf Brawl
Wimpy's Lunch Wagon
Weather Watchers
Popeye And The Magic Hat
Popeye And The Giant
Hill Billy Dilly
Pest Of The Pecos
Blubbering Whaler, The
Popeye And The Spinach Stalk
Shoot The Chutes
Tiger Burger
Bottom Gun
Olive Drab And The Seven Sweepeas
Blinkin' Beacon
Aztec Wreck
Green Dancin' Shoes, The
Spare Dat Tree
Glad Gladiator, The
Golden Touch, The
Hamburger Fishing
Popeye The Popular Mechanic
Popeye's Folly
Popeye's Used Car
Popeye And The Polite Dragon
Popeye The Ugly Ducklin
Popeye's Tea Party
Troll Wot Got Gruff, The
Popeye The Lifeguard
Popeye In The Woods
After The Ball Went Over
Popeye And Buddy Brutus
Popeye's Car Wash
Camel Aires
Plumber's Pipe Dream
Popeye And The Herring Snatcher
Invisible Popeye
Square Egg, The
Old Salt Tale
Jeep Tale
Super Duper Market, The
Golden-Type Fleece
Popeye The White Collar Man
Sweapea Through The Looking Glass
Black Knight, The
Jingle Jangle Jungle
Day Silky Went Blozo, The
Rip Van Popeye
Mississippi Sissy
Double Cross Country Feet Race
Fashion Fotography
I Yam What I Yamnesia
Paper Pasting Pandemonium
Coach Popeye
Popeyed Columbus
Popeye Revere
Popeye In Haweye
Forever Ambergris
Popeye De Leon
Popeyed Fisherman
Popeye In The Grand Steeple Chase
Uncivil War
Popeye The Piano Mover
Popeye's Testimonial Dinner
Around The World In Eighty Ways
Popeye's Fixit Shop
Bell Hop Popeye

(Paramount/Seymour Kneitel:)
Ghost Host, The
Strikes, Spares An' Spinach
Jeep Is Jeep
Spinach Scholar, The
Rags To Riches To Rags
Hair Cut-Ups
Poppa Popeye
Quick Change Olie (sic)
Valley Of The Goons
Me Quest For Poopdeck Pappy
Moby Hick
Mirror Magic
It Only Hurts When They Laughs
Wimpy The Moocher
Voo-Doo To You Too
Popeye Goes Sale-Ing
Popeye's Travels
Incident At Missile City
Dog Catcher Popeye
What's News
Spinach Greetings
Baby Contest, The
Oil's Well That Ends Well
Motor Knocks
Amusement Park
Duel To The Finish
Gem Jam
Bathing Beasts

(The following all dated 1961 unless otherwise stated)

(Paramount/Seymour Kneitel;)
Rain Breaker, The
Messin' Up The Mississippi
Love Birds
Sea Serpent
Boardering On Trouble
Aladdin's Lamp
Butler Up
Leprechaun, The
County Fair
Hamburgers Aweigh
Popeye's Double Trouble
Kiddie Kapers
Mark Of Zero, The
Myskery Melody
Scairdy Cat
Operation Ice-Tickle
Cure, The
William Won't Tell
Pop Goes The Whistle
Autographically Yours
Poil For Olive Oyl, A
My Fair Olive
Giddy Gold
Strange Things Are Happening
Medicine Man, The
Mite Of Trouble, A
Who's Kiddin' Zoo
Robot Popeye
Sneaking Peeking
Seer-Ring Is Believer-Ring
Wiffle Bird's Revenge, The
Popeye Thumb

(William L. Snyder/Gene Deitch:)
Billionaire, The (1960)
Model Muddle (1960)
Which Is Witch (1960)
Disguise The Limit (1961)
Spoil Sport (1961)
Have Time, Will Travel (1961)
Intellectual Interlude (1961)
Partial Post (1960)
Weight For Me (1960)
Canine Caprice (1962)
Roger (1962)
Tooth Be Or Not Tooth Be (1962)

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Thunderbean has announced a new Popeye Blu-ray!:


The shorts on this set (save for Barbeque For Two) will be added shortly.
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There's a 25th anniversary edition of Casper coming soon to DVD.

What's unique about this is that there will be bonus disc containing not only 2 bonus Casper movies but 5 classic theatrical cartoons! I don't know if those will be new transfers, but it is worth noting.

They'll be added in a bit. 

Incidentally, if you happen to buy this when it comes out, please let us know if they have new transfers.
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Kentucky Kernels is set to be released on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive containing 2 Fleischer Popeye cartoons!

Their inclusion will be added momentarily! 🙂
John Ackerman
The 2 Popeye cartoons are “Sock A Bye Baby” and “The Dance Contest”. Pretty good choices and I pray they don’t mess up “Sock a Bye Baby” ending like they did for the Popeye 1933-1938 Volume 1 DVD
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New cartoons have been added to the filmography; the Paramount-distributed Felix the Cat cartoons from 1919-1921 (or: Feline Follies to Felix Left At Home).
Can you please delete all the Popeye 1950's volumes from the listings? They can be added back when such a release actually is announced.
Originally Posted by: HeySteve 

Can you please delete all the Popeye 1950's volumes from the listings? They can be added back when such a release actually is announced.

I doubt Toonatic will do that -- he still has the never-released Tom and Jerry Golden Collection Volume 2 included in his MGM filmography . I don't know if I've ever seen anyone so devoted to spreading misinformation.
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I'm not deleting the Popeye 1950's releases, please move on from that guys.
Originally Posted by: Toonatic 

I'm not deleting the Popeye 1950's releases, please move on from that guys.

This is exactly why I support PopKorn Kat's decision to phase out the filmographies. You're willingly spreading misinformation through them, and you refuse to listen to reason from anyone about it.
Enough is enough.

Effective immediately, all the Filmography threads are henceforth to be locked (as soon as that function works again...), and will probably be archived deep in the TTTP in Exile board once we find a way to delete this section of the forums (or at least remove it from public view). Any information on which cartoons show up on which *actual* releases from this point on should be added to the database proper - you have that power as a researcher, Toonatic, why not use it?
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