Boomerang Channel bringing back classic Christmas - Forum.
Slowly I Turn
After giving us a nice treat over Thanksgiving, it looks like the Boomerang channel is bringing back the Christmas specials they used to show but haven't for the last couple of years (I believe).

Dec 14
7:00 Flintstones Family Christmas
8:00 Christmas Comes to Pacland
8:30 Scooby Doo Haunted Holidays

Dec 15
7:00 Yogi's First Christmas

Dec 16
7:00 Flintstones Family Christmas
8:00 Tom and Jerry's A Nutcracker Tale

Dec 17
7:00 The Smurfs Christmas Special
7:30 A Christmas Story
8:00 The Town That Santa Forgot
8:30 Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends A Lost Clause

That's as far as I could find for the schedule right now. Looks like nightly 7:00-9:00. Maybe they will even step it up more on the weekend or the last days leading up to Christmas.

Could the folks that program this channel have had a change of heart about the older cartoons they left behind the last couple of years?