NEW Special set (BDR) "Toon Club" - Forum.
Steve Stanchfield
Over the weekend a collector friend lent me some really cool films I needed for some of the new sets. He's in the process of ebaying his whole collection, so in looking through his list I decided I'd better scan some of the rarest things I can't put on an official set as well and have a 'special' set. I know I can't do these special sets forever, but this stuff is just too good not to have a set on, and who knows when any of these will ever get an official release.

This one is called 'Toon Club'

The BDR disc will consist of 12 cartoons from the 30s and 40s, all professionally scanned in HD from original 16mm and 35mm prints, limited to 70 copies. It includes Terrytoons, Fleischer, Famous Studios, MGM and more. It's $15.95 plus $3 postage, $7 to Canada, $12 to other countries. Revenue will go directly to costs of scans this week.

Paypal, as usual, is Thanks to all for making these things happen!
Just ordered! Will be my first special disc so I’m pretty excited. Thanks for putting these out there!
Money sent!!!
Hi. Is this still available ? If so, thanks to confirm so I can send the payment right away.

Woooooow I just got this today. It's been so long and I didn't even remember it. Terry/Lantz/Famous disc also, probably from even longer ago?
PopKorn Kat
I couldn't find the thread for the Terry/Lantz/Famous disc, but I received it yesterday and I didn't even remember if I had ordered it...not that I'm complaining. Nitrate Little Lulus are great!
Little Lulus are great, but I'm just old enough to have seen these Terrytoons in my childhood, so enjoying those too.