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Jason Todd
Originally Posted by: MTGM 

Some of the new restorations seem to have been removed since they've been added. The ones I've noticed are:

I Like Mountain Music
Mr. and Mrs. is the Name
Billboard Frolics
I Only Have Eyes for You
Egghead Rides Again
The Penguin Parade
Hamateur Night
Ding Dog Daddy

Unsure of whether this is a glitch or not but I'm hoping they will be back.
Since it wasn't mentioned before, the 1942 cartoon Double Chaser is also amongst the new restorations that were added on the 18th, it's season 8 episode 27.

I just noticed that, too. If it isn’t just a glitch, I’m hoping they were removed so that those (frankly, horrible) “recreated” front tags are fixed. How that slipped past Quality Control, in the first place, is beyond me.
Has anyone asked Jerry if he knows the reason for those removals?
Is Jerry even involved with these new remasters in the first place? I only saw a few clips, as I'm not from the USA. Besides the messed up titles (why didn't they add black bars instead goes beyond my imagination...) the colors seem really good. Hop Skip and a Chump looked like night and day compared to the old version.

In any case, maybe I'm going a bit off topic, but I have a feeling WB isn't aware that they have HD remasters of two shorts which didn't make it into the Golden Collections. I'm pretty sure these two aren't on HBO.


I also noticed they never use most of the "cleaned up" versions from the first Platinum Collection. On HBO, recent DVDs, TV airings and such they always use the first version (like with Buccaneer Bunny).
Originally Posted by: Cool_Cat 

Is Jerry even involved with these new remasters in the first place?

No, but he might know what's up with them.
I wish they'd releases all of these newly restors shorts on Blu-Ray, because I can't watch HBO Max. :/
Restored* (Why can't I edit posts here?)
Full list of LTMM removed from HBO, according to fulano7's list:

S01E17 - The Organ Grinder
S01E18 - I Like Mountain Music
S01E28 - Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name
S01E34 - Billboard Frolics
S03E14 - I Only Have Eyes for You
S03E17 - Egghead Rides Again
S04E18 - The Penguin Parade
S05E16 - Hamateur Night
S06E22 - Ceiling Hero
S07E28 - Saddle Silly
S08E32 - Ding Dog Daddy
S10E23 - From Hand to Mouse
S10E25 - Behind the Meatball
S15E22 - Big House Bunny
S22E24 - Bugsy and Mugsy
S24E18 - Baton Bunny

That's 16 removed shorts that show no signs of returning. This is why I like physical media more.
PopKorn Kat
See, this is getting confusing for me. The movies regularly leaving and coming to Max makes sense (lots of licensors and services they can shuffle them around to). At first I was assuming that the reason some of the new restorations (i.e., "Penguin Parade", "Ceiling Hero") were removed was because of glaring technical errors that I felt they were going to go back and fix. However, the removal of “Big House Bunny” and “Baton Bunny” is what confuses me. Both those shorts have been restored for DVD already, and to my knowledge there’s no rights issues involved with them, so I don’t understand why they’d be removed.
My guess is because of some VERY minor politically incorrect stuff in most of those shorts (I.E. Bugs pantomiming a Native American in "Baton Bunny"). Not sure about "Big House Bunny". Maybe because of the noose gag?
PopKorn Kat
I just remembered that Thad Komorowski posted a screenshot of a Bugs Bunny headshot  with a...less-than-stellar image editing job on the ears when the new batch first hit Max. The short in question is indeed "Big House Bunny" (note the production number). Maybe this is why the short was removed? It would align with the shorts with noticable restoration gaffes being pulled from Max.
As I understood it some of the speed of these cartoons was too low.
Ian L.
HBO Max is not making a very good case for their service if they regularly remove stuff.

There's a video discussing some of the removed shorts. If it is for racial reasons, then way to make restoring them a waste of time and effort. :/
Originally Posted by: Blob55 


There's a video discussing some of the removed shorts. If it is for racial reasons, then way to make restoring them a waste of time and effort. :/

A majority of the removed shorts don’t even have racial caricatures, so that theory doesn’t add up. Not to mention that it took 4 minutes of rambling in a 6 minute video to discuss 2 out of the 16 removed cartoons.
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