Van Beuren cartoon DVDs - Forum.
If you like old cartoons you remember from the 30's or 40's, then this is just for you.
The Van Beuren studios was a forgotten animation studio from 1928 to 1936. It had a lot of animated series like Aesop's Fables, Tom & Jerry (not to be confused with the MGM cat and mouse duo), The Little King, Cubby Bear, Felix the Cat, Toonerville Folks, and the Disney Silly Symphony copycat of all time, the Rainbow Parade series.

So here's a list of cartoons a new DVD and Blu-Ray release of Van Beuren's bizarre Mickey Mouse rip-off cartoons by Thunderbean Animation i am thinking of -
1. A Close Call (1929)
2. Singing Saps (1930)
3. Good Old School Days (1930)
4. Foolish Follies (1930)
5. Dixie Days (1930)
6. Western Whoopee (1930)
7. Snow Time (1930)
8. Laundry Blues (1930)
9. Circus Capers (1930)
10. Midnight (1930)
11. The Big Cheese (1930)
12. The Office Boy (1930)
13. Stone Age Stunts (1930)
14. Red Riding Hood (1931)
15. Cowboy Blues (1931)
16. College Capers (1931)
17. Old Hokum Bucket (1931)

Now it's your turn to see what other Van Beuren cartoons you would want or like to see on DVD and Blu-Ray in the future. And what favourite Van beuren cartoons would you like to see? And would Van Beuren cartoons have original or re-issue titles? Please send comments below and i will get back to them as possible. Thank you.