Steve Stanchfield
Announcing (likely) the last of the 'special' feature film sets:

1937 Animated Feature

This special set (BDR) is scanned from a rare, original IB Technicolor print, looking as it should. It's presented full frame without any additional scrubbing or changes. This special set also comes with an update to special set 18, featuring better footage at the beginning of reel 3. It's a nice one to end this series on and a good cap to the 'special' feature film sets. We may do one more cartoon one.

The set is $16.95 plus $3 postage, $8 to Canada, and $12 to anywhere else. It's available for one week only (through May 25th) and is limited to 100 copies. All funds from the project will go to scanning and shipping. Thanks to all for supporting these projects.

Paypal is Make sure to list '1937 Animated Feature' in the paypal notes, and make sure to include your address as well.
Haven't understood something. The update will be the complete film again (meaning we're getting 2 films with this set), or just the start of reel 3?
Justin Delbert
That kind of narrows it down, doesn't it? Anyways, I went ahead and ordered mine since it's a good one.
Originally Posted by: Justin Delbert 

That kind of narrows it down, doesn't it?

Yup. Probably this one .
Payment sent, Steve. Please confirm the reception by email or PM.

Payment sent.
(Mr. Stanchfield, I sent a 3rd email about the Award Winners Bluray. Please, send me a reply when you'll have sent it)
I sent payment too. Please confirm by email or PM.
Duck Dodgers
can you send me an email?
Im' waiting for a ton of stuff, paid two times for the Screen Songs set and added 50$ for fast shipping as we agreed to have everything soon but I'm waiting from more than one year!
Could you be so kind to send me an email and we'll see what I'm missing so you can send it
at a fast shipping once and for all?
I thank you very much in advance.
Great News! My pre-orders for "Odds and Ends", "Screen Songs", and "Cartoon Paradise" came in the mail today and I can't wait to see what is on the discs later tonight. I am also looking forward to when the others discs ship out in the coming months. But what I am looking forward to the most right now are the 37 feature and the "All Censored" sets.
What is the status of this?
Slowly I Turn
If you are looking for Thunderbean status you may want to look at Classic Animation Blu-Rays. Looks like he posts over there regularly including several times this week. It also looks like he is responding to at least some of the "Where is my..." questions over there. This week he stated "We're working this week to get all the 'Noveltoons' pre-orders out with the special bonus disc, along with Grotesqueries, 1967 and 'Toon Club' and Thunderbean Thursday 2018' all together."

He also announced another special disc of Noveltoons up for order.

If I am violating some IAD forum rule recommending you go look at another forum, MODS feel free to take down this post.

Steve Stanchfield
I'm sorry to not have been on the forum for a while.. will try to post much more regular updates.

The little staff and I are exhausted from trying to get as much out as fast as possible. Right now, Noveltoons, Grotequeries and 1967 feature are going. More soon.