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Some very, very hastily written observations on the prints I selected for my first viewing session on the good ol' BFI Steenbeck:

C-15368 MASK-A-RAID - starts abruptly on original credits card (ANIMATED BY ALFRED EUGSTER AND JAMES CULHANE, can't see a Paramount copyright at the bottom unlike ANY RAGS or MINNIE THE MOOCHER etc.), fairly dupey and dark, original end Paramount logo seems to be the same as Minnie the Moocher but THE END doesn't fade out or at least seems to be held for longer as the end title cuts out abruptly

C-34096 COPY CAT - yikes, looks like they tried to salvage as much as they could for the first 2 minutes or so, lots of blank spacer film printed in spliced between parts they could manage to copy photochemically, the original opening titles are mostly there but heavily fragmented and a little out of order. Clears considerably after that and the rest of the print is fine, including the Paramount mountain at the end (same as the Popeye shorts of the era without the anchor).

C-123244 PARADE OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS - very nice print with all the original titles and British censor card, some printed-in splices at the title card at the beginning and during the end dissolve at closing (there may be others but only noticed these 2).

C-179931 TWINKLETOES, WHERE HE GOES NOBODY KNOWS - also suffering from nitrate decomp severely affecting the picture at the original opening titles and the first shot, seemingly no splices, somewhat garbled sound throughout, same Paramount mountain as Copy Cat at end

C-68038 GHOSKS IS THE BUNK - nice print, didn't notice any splices, titles seem the same as the Popeye DVD version except for the original British censor card at the beginning, apparently this short was passed as an "A" certificate (!) on original release

C-213803 I WISHED ON THE MOON - nice print, again virtually splice-free, original British censor card and Paramount titles with the elaborate art-deco title BGs and transitions, complete iris-out from last shot to Paramount mountain at end.

C-87295 KOKO IN 1999
Comparing the Fleischer Studios YouTube upload of Koko in 1999 with the viewing print, I wished I spent more time tracking down copies of the silent Koko shorts. There are some interesting differences, the original Red Seal opening titles and intertitles appear to be original unlike the YouTube upload, interestingly none of the fake intertitles on the YT copy are present, you do miss the context of Max calling the people he draws at the start his interpretations of what people would look like in 1999, much to Koko's quick dismissal of them as "freaks"! There are also a couple extra shots of Koko first reacting to the metropolis of 1999 and I think an extra cut-away of live-action Max before Koko and his wife are wed by the robotic Justice of the Peace, end title is also different crediting First National Pictures.

C-33733 The Contest (Out of the Inkwell)
As to the rest of the Koko shorts, I can't offer much observations but the prints are generally very nice and sharp with the expected light wear mostly printed-in from source, a few I'm viewing for the first time essentially. All seem to have what I presume the original opening titles though end title may or may not be original.

What I found intriguing is the original "TRACK AND DISC" start and/or end leaders were present on the Screen Song and Animated Antics, even though sound-on-disc would have essentially been dead by that point. (There's a modern 35mm reprint of Minnie the Moocher on eBay that shows what this leader looks like, 2nd to last screenshot here: )

So there you have it, I think it's been enough to convince to save up for a second viewing session next month, mainly of the sound entries that have been brought up in this thread. Thanks everyone for group-scavenging the database with me.

(I did in fact take a few snaps but don't feel at liberty to post them publicly...)
Amazing stuff, dbear! Everything you said looks astounding; I am eager for your next visit!
Originally Posted by: dbear 

but THE END doesn't fade out or at least seems to be held for longer as the end title cuts out abruptly

You are indeed correct; from the Fleischer titles around this year, this one, starring Rudy Vallee in a live action musical, has a complete surviving theatrical printdown: 
It uses the ending card around this period that you and I have seen as lately as 'Minnie the Moocher', with one minor difference: "THE END" holds out for as long as the clouds itself. Once the clouds and the mountain have finished fading out, then does "THE END" itself start to fade as well.
Originally Posted by: kazblox 

The archives hold restricted access to an element of 'Spree For All' and apparently, a nitrate element of 'Flip Flap', also restricted.

Could the BFI's element of Spree for All be an original Cinecolor print?

Ehhh... it's a possibility!
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