Steve Stanchfield
'Fleischer Rarities' is going tp replication next week, happily-and several others are now done as well. So.....

Announcing here and the forum first!

More Stop Motion Marvels, A Blu-ray/DVD combo set, in now available for pre-order.

This DVD/Blu-ray set, a sequel to the now out of print 'Stop Motion Marvels', includes all sorts of rare Stop Motion Shorts from the 20s through the 50s, in all new digital transfers. The set has been in progress for some time and coming together very nicely. The 'special offer' includes a bonus disc of things that didn't make it on the set. The preorder is limited to 130 copies. Help kickstart the Lou Bunin project and others with this pre-order!

The set is $15.95 plus $3 shipping in the US, $8 to Canada, $12 to other countries. Paypal, as usual, is Please be sure to list 'More Stop Motion Marvels' in the paypal. Details and stills to follow here, on the IAD forum and Thunderbean Website.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this and these projects through the years.
Can you give us details/hints on what's on this new set, Steve?
Thanks Steve, for making these available. I really enjoyed the original Stop Motion Marvels and I'm looking forward to this set. I think stop motion is my favorite form of animation. My order has been sent. 🙂
Thanks Steve--this is the set I've been really looking forward to pre-ordering.

Pre-order payment sent!
Payment just sent. Thanks Steve and best of luck with this set!
Payment sent (hopefully in time)!
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