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Happily, we've managed to get pretty much all the finished sets out the door to everyone else this past week- many months late, but done. We're still replicating some of the 'special' discs from long ago, but most of those are out as well. Watch your mailbox this next week (or a bit longer for those not in the US).

The All Scrappy/ All Warner is getting transferred Thursday. I'll post screenshots when it's done.

I know I said I wouldn't do another..but as I've been going through the shelves of 16mm and 35mm that I've been selling on Ebay, I've found so many cool things I want to transfer and share that I have to- plus it will help on replication of other projects. I know I can't do these forever but this stuff should be with the collectors in a good transfer. So- here's another set!

It's called CARTOONS TO THE RESCUE! Screenshots coming as soon as transfers are done.

This 'special' DVD/ Blu-ray combo feature 13 cartoons, all from rare 16mm and 35mm prints.Some black and white, many in IB Technicolor. There are films from most of the major studios here; it includes things I didn't remember that I had! It also includes 3 films from folks that lent me things. Proceeds will go towards the replication of the next three Thunderbean sets: Mid Century Modern 1&2 and Fleischer Rarities. They're almost done!

The set is $14.95 plus $3 postage, $9 out of the US. Paypal is Be sure to list "Cartoons to the Rescue!" in the paypal information and be sure to include your address. I'l be sending an email confirmation back to everyone to verify.

Thanks to all who have been patient and supported all these things!
Payment sent. I am also still waiting on the A&C Rarities set pre-order. However, the "Grand Old Toons" and "Betty Boop and Popeye" special sets made it just fine. (A great selection of shorts too by the way). I am also looking forward to seeing what shorts are on the "All Warner/All Scrappy" set as well as the "Cartoons to the Rescue" set. How are things coming along with the Fleischer Rarities set and Mid-Century Modern 1&2 sets?
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Originally Posted by: Wataloon37 

Payment sent. I am also still waiting on the A&C Rarities set pre-order. However, the "Grand Old Toons" and "Betty Boop and Popeye" special sets made it just fine.

I received A&C and Popeye/Betty a few weeks ago, but still haven't received Grand Old Toons. When did you get yours?
Mid-June was when I got both "Betty Boop and Popeye" and "Grand Old Toons" special disc sets.
Steve Stanchfield
A bunch went out in the last handful of days... and anything ordered later than March is still in the hopper right now- We're working on getting all the special sets that were offered around then out and moving forward. Somewhere around 60 Betty/Popeyes went out and more A&Cs, mostly to out of country orders... and a few Towers...
Money down and patiently waiting, as always.

From this update it sounds like I have an embarrassment of riches coming my way. It's always nice to get mail, it's even better when it's something that's worth the wait like these collections!
When will this offer stop being available?
Ordered. Because I can never have enough cartoons in my life.
How long left until the offer expires?
Money sent!!!