Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas
Studio: DisneyToon Studios Release Date : November 9, 2004
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When Mickey yells at him for ruining his Christmas decorations, Pluto runs away from home and winds up at the North Pole. While Pluto trains to be a reindeer, Mickey, feeling guilty for what he said earlier, tries desperately to search for him.



Colin Goldman
Matthew O'Callaghan

Story Director

Matthew O'Callaghan


Michael Shipley
Jim Bernstein
Shirley Pierce


  • A video-only release; never shown theatrically.

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United States

Twice Upon a Christmas


United States

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

BluRay Disc

United States

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas / Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

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From Bryan Hensley :

Did you notice that the inside of Mickey's house, in this story, looks pretty similar to the Mickey MouseWorks version of it? (As well as outside!) Leave it to Mickey to overdecorate his house for a Christmas party, and Pluto wanting to put the star on the tree by himself! The entire house's electricity shorted out, except for Mickey's house phone! Poor Pluto felt upset when a picture of himself and Mickey came to life; then he ran away and stowed away on a grain train, all the way to the North Pole! You should see Mickey trying to take out the trashed decorations. Not even stretchy plastic garbage bags would help in that mess. Meanwhile up north, Pluto finds out he's at Santa's workshop, just by looking at Santa's sleigh team flying! Blitzen, the leader, put the others down by comparing them to flying donkeys! (such as Burrito from The Three Cabarellos, or Donkey from Shrek, and eventually Eeyore in the Super Sleuth Christmas Movie in 2007!) Donner, the goofball, reminds them of the Sleigh Crash of '64; it must have been gruesome if it involves a barn! (That's when Rudolph debuted on the small screen!) Eventually, Donner renames Pluto, Murray, when he was discovered. ("Murray Christmas") Mickey found out Pluto ran away and told Minnie to cancel the party on her answering machine! Soon, Pluto grew homesick and missed Mickey a lot. He even broke down and cried over missing him, just by looking at Mickey heads anywhere he went. You probably wouldn't believe who was driving the snowplow that got Mickey irritated and scared! Who'd have thunk the real Santa was in Mickey's neck of the woods, then back home in a short time. Well, Santa is omnipresent you know! He sounded the same as a previous story Christmas Impossible, but looked different from it! At least Pluto knew the way back to his home with Donner, Blitzen and Santa to fly him there. I'd be upset if my own dogs ran way from home like that, but glad to see them safe the way Mickey did to Pluto. At the end, the rest of the crew from earlier in the movie came to Mickey's house... in the snowplow... with Goofy driving it! Scrooge bought the snowplow company since he said it was marked down for Christmas. Mickey's house wasn't overly done in decorations when everyone went inside. To make it all complete, Mickey and Pluto finally put the star on the tree together! This wonderful landmark of a Christmas movie ended on a joyous, yet familiar note! (Some of the finale music from Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas was reused in this movie's finale!) I hope you enjoy the entire movie of Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, because I know I have! Merry Christmas (in July), everyone!

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    Matthew O'Callaghan: Story Director
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    Michael Shipley: Screenplay
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    Jim Bernstein: Screenplay
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    Shirley Pierce: Screenplay
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    Colin Goldman: Story
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    Matthew O'Callaghan: Story
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