Roller Coaster Painters

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Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are hired to paint a roller-coaster, and there's an added incentive: whoever paints the most wins a lifetime pass to Jolly-Land Amusement Park. The competition between Mickey and Donald escalates to a wild paint war, but Goofy ends up winning the pass with his sure-and-steady pace.


Mickey Mouse
(Voice: Wayne Allwine)
(Voice: Bill Farmer)
Donald Duck
(Voice: Tony Anselmo)



Jeff Glen Bennett


Mickey MouseWorks (Season 1, Episode 1)

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From Patrick Malone :

The first "trio" toon in a while. Mickey, Donald and Goofy as just what the title says. Again, it was okay, but it semed like to possibilities of the situation weren't used well enough. In the older shorts, the trio worked best together when they were independantly reacting to situations instead of when they were playing against each other. And if I hear Mickey say "Oh, boy!" in response to a telephone call one more time, I'm gonna hurl. They still don't seem to have his character pegged right. He might have been revengeful in the older shorts, but never against Donald.

From Tom :

Nice to see the gang back together. Though I didn't really want to see them together, quite in this way. The old shorts with the threesome together were better when they went out on the own adventure, they were three shorts sowed together if you will. However in this one they were together a lot of the time. Too much if you ask me. I don't really think it was as hilarious as advertised by the Mouseworks folks but there were still a good few gags. Grade: All in all, a B-.

From Lefty Lovitz :

I guess Disney believes in saving the best for last because that's what they did here! The score and the story were the best out of all the shorts. Still needs work though. M, D, and G in the classics would almost always tackle a problem by spliting up. They would be together at the beginning, split up to go about their own way of doing things, only to come back together at the end. They were all together throughout most of this short. Also, they acted more like siblings than job partners. Mickey and Donald play fight a lot in this one and Donald gets annoyed, not truly mad here. I like that! Like the others, this one could be better, but I still like it as is. RCP overall: Very good! Plus, I got to see that tail wag (!) even though he was not happy at that point.

From Jon Cooke :

A pretty average short that had a few funny moments - mostly involving Goofy. I had a hard time believing Mickey and Donald would spend most of the picture fighting. These guys are supposed to be buddies! I enjoyed Turkey Catchers much more.

From Juan F. Lara :

The best short of the episode. The competition between Mickey and Donald made this short much more interesting than any of the others. It was curious to see Mickey as one side of a fight. But Mickey's approach differed from Donald's: he didn't attack Donald until Donald provoked him considerably and even then he usually did just one thing, like rolling the paint roller on Donald, without losing his temper. Mickey was usually on the defensive, like when Donald cornered him with his paintballoon gun. So Mickey and Donald's characterizations worked for me here.

The artwork and animation also made the action look livelier here than in the other shorts. Mickey and Donald's contorted facial expressions at the end were hilarious.

Everyone knew who'd get the pass from when the pass first appeared. But this time they avoided the forced happy ending that the "MouseWorks" shorts seem to always have.

From Lee Suggs :

The only real success of the first episode. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are hired to paint a rollercoaster. The owner of the coaster offers whoever paints the most a lifetime pass to JollyLand. (Is this a reference to Disney's California Adventure Park?) Donald goes crazy trying to paint the most, and in a change from his usually passive character Mickey decides to take him on. This causes a huge fight between the Mouse and the Duck, with Goofy the winner in the end. It was good to see the animators giving Mickey's character an edge, it makes him a much more interesting character. The fight scenes were great, and the ending was fun. A precursor of what the "MouseWorks" series would be at its best.

From MarioKnowsPokeshippy :

Mistake: During the fight, Donald was using a paintball gun, and then water balloons filled with his paint when said gun ran out. However, after Goofy pauses it, Donald is using paint cans like Mickey is doing.

From Aaron :

This cartoon is absolutely HORRIBLE! One of the worst MMWW cartoons! It cartoon never goes beyond it's pointless beginning. This cartoon is pointless. The makers decided to waste time with a boring battle between Mickey and Donald. LAME! The chase and battle sequences were just pointless slapstick. They couldn't think of any ideas so they just filled in a chase sequence. I can't believe I saw such a TERRIBLE cartoon. Housesitters was MUCH better than this. In fact, it's the best of the Mickey, Donald, and Goofy shorts.

From Baruch Weiss :

I loved this cartoon and it is so great to see the title "A Mickey Donald and Goofy cartoon and with all of the characters heads centered in a sunburst. This should of been done in the earlier days, but we can't change the past, but can only impress the future. Anyway, I loved this cartoon. I've noticed that Mickey and Donald had more action then goofy. The ending was pretty funny when Goofy "Shares" his ticket with the boys and then he says "Oops, Ripped."

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