Galaxy Express 999
Studio: Toei Animation Release Date : August 4, 1979 Series: Galaxy Express 999
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Oh! Production


To avenge the murder of his mother, Tetsuro seeks the Galaxy Express 999 with the help of the mysterious Maetel to claim a mechanical body and kill Count Mecha.


Tetsuro Hoshino
(Voice: Masako Nozawa)
(Voice: Masako Ikeda)
Captain Harlock
(Voice: Makio Inoue)
Queen Emeraldas
(Voice: Reiko Tajima)


Leiji Matsumoto



Shigeyuki "Rintarou" Hayashi


Nozomu Aoki

Art Direction

Tadao Kubota
Takamura Mukuo

Animation Director

Kazuo Komatsubara


Shori Ishimori


Leiji Matsumoto

Key Animator

Yoshinori Kanada
Kazuhide Tomonaga


Toei Company, Ltd.

Video Information


United States

Galaxy Express 999

Technical Specifications

Running time: 2:07:59
Animation Type: Standard (Hand-drawn-Cel) Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
Color Type: Color
Sound Type: Stereo
Print Type: 35mm
Negative Type: 35mm
Cinematographic Format: Spherical
Original Language: Japanese
Original Countrie: Japan

Reviews and Comments

From TibbyH :

Legendary anime director Rintaro knocks it outta the park with his first Galaxy Express 999 film. Based off the beloved manga series by Leiji Matsumoto, the film is filled with brilliant direction, stunning sci-fi environments, beautiful music, and engaging characters and story. Following the adventures of a young Tetsuro as he yearns to gain a mechanical body to kill Count Mecha, the being responsible for the death of Tetsuro's mother. The film dives into the concepts of humanity, as it explores deeply flawed characters who have tackled the issue in their own way. Even with a cast as expansive as this, the movie takes its time to explore the characters and you get a real sense of humanity in these people (no matter how extra terrestrial they may be). You develop an attachment to Tetsuro, Maetel, and everyone they meet along the way. Rintaro's jaw-dropping shot composition and cinematography really sells the film and gives it a true cinematic feel. While the animation may be typical of 70s TV, the quality of the directing boost it up to a higher quality. It is pretty hard to discuss the film without mentioning Nozomi Aoki's top-shelf music that helps to give the movie real emotion and heart. Newcomers to the series should fear not because the film is absolutely accessible to people unfamiliar with original source material. And trust me, this is the kind of film that should not be missed. Rintaro and Toei Animation produced an absolute classic of Japanese animated feature films and it is highly recommended to movie and/or anime fans all over. Don't miss your trip on the Galaxy Express 999!
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    Shigeyuki "Rintarou" Hayashi: Director
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    Leiji Matsumoto: Creator
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    Yoshinori Kanada: Key Animator
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    Kazuo Komatsubara: Animation Director
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    Shori Ishimori: Screenplay
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    Tadao Kubota: Art Direction
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    Nozomu Aoki: Music
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    Kazuhide Tomonaga: Key Animator
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    Takamura Mukuo: Art Direction
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