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The 4rd Annual Ugly PD Cover Contest: The Gallery
This is an archived version of the now defunct GAC website, reproduced here by the permission of the webmaster, Jon Cooke. We are currently working on reformatting and transferring all the files. On the main page, any link with an asterix next to it is one that has not been completed yet. Be patient ... we'll get there!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the results of The 4th Annual Design an Ugly Public Domain Video Cover Contest proudly presented by Golden Age Cartoons! For the 4th year in a row we have given our loyal forums members from around the world the chance to fulfill their lifelong dream of designing a public domain cartoon video cover that is just as badly designed and hastily assembled as the ones available in stores! The contest becomes more and more popular with each passing year and is now officially a Termite Terrace Trading Post tradition.

First, here are some ugly PD video covers made by the TTTP contest judges (we just did these for fun):

by Jon Cooke

by Jack Tatay

by Dan P

by Jack Tatay

by Dan P

Pietro created some new covers for this year including one sporting the Fox and the Crow:

The following were all done by Jon Cooke. First are four phony covers from "KiddyView Home Video"...

...and below we have a look at what some real classic cartoon DVD releases might have looked like if they had covers done in cheap public domain video company style (these were the DVD sets given away as prizes this year):

Finally, before we begin to showcase the results of this year's contest we present an ugly PD cover from the legendary Patrick McCart. Patrick was the winner of the very first Design an Ugly Video Cover Contest four years ago. He created the following cover to inspire this year's hopefuls...

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