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A number of Warner Bros. cartoons failed to get their copyrights renewed. Therefore, they fell into the public domain and ended up on several non-official DVDs and video tapes from small distributors. To locate these compilations, just take a trip to your local department store and start digging through the discount DVD bins. Be warned, the picture and video quality varies drastically. Since it would be an impossible task to list all these compilations, click here for a full list of Warner Bros. cartoons in the public domain.

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Thanks to Greg Method, Brian Cruz, Ron Kurer, Dante Stewart, Ralf Henkensiefken, James Rice, Paul LaFollette, John Lund, Martin Juneau, Thad Komorowski, and Larry T for providing scans of various videotapes, laserdiscs, and DVDs. Thanks to Kevin McCorry, Brian Cruz, Greg Method, and Steve Siegert for information about history and/or contents of some videos. Thanks to Pietro Shakarian for providing a complete listing of Warner Bros. cartoons in the public domain.

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