The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"A Tale of Two Kitties" (Clampett; 1942):

    WB: Omitted was Catstello's remark about the Hayes Office not allowing him to give to Babbit "the bird".

"A Tale of Two Mice" (Tashlin; 1945):

    WB: This cartoon was edited to remove Babbit's statement, "If this don't work, then I'll be a jack-ass," followed by Catstello in a toy airplane (that, to prove Babbit correct in his unflattering self-description, has not been effective in doing what Babbit had wanted), yelling, "Jack-ass! You're a jack-ass! Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!"

"A Taste of Catnip" (McKimson; 1966):

    CBS: Daffy being beset by the fists of angry alley cats after having bombed the catnip factory was edited for violence.

"Terrier Stricken" (Jones; 1952):

    CBS: This cartoon ended abruptly with Claude Cat flying off of a diving board and looking relieved. Gone was his descent to crash into the cement bottom of an empty swimming pool, after which he dazedly "swims" in the cracked concrete.

"There Auto Be a Law" (McKimson; 1953):

    WB: This scene was deleted: a man whose car has exhausted its gasoline supply asks of another motorist if he can siphon gasoline from the second motorist's car by inhaling the gasoline through a rubber hose and into a portable container, but he inhales too much gasoline and starts to act like a car, uttering put-put sounds and scooting away down the highway.

"This is a Life?" (Freleng; 1955):

    ABC: Scenes removed from this cartoon short: 1) Granny hits Daffy on the head with her umbrella after he has been ranting about Bugs being honored and not him; 2) Daffy heckles Bugs with, "Throw him out!" and is again dealt a wallop on the head by Granny with her umbrella; 3) Shipboard cannons blast Yosemite Sam's face in the recollection of "Buccaneer Bunny"; 4) Elmer and Sam place a bomb in the gift package before giving it to Bugs; and 5) Daffy returns onto stage after being the offstage victim of the bomb and says to Bugs, "You're despicable."
    Merrie Melodies: The cannon scene was shortened.

"The Three Little Bops" (Freleng; 1957):

    ABC: Cut out of this cartoon was the part in which the Big Bad Wolf is punched in the nose by the bouncer at the back door to the House of Bricks.

"Thugs With Dirty Mugs" (Avery; 1939):

    Syndication: According to Canadian animation historian Gene Walz, this short was banned in Winnipeg, Manitoba upon its original release. The censors felt that the ending, in which Killer is sentenced to write "I've been a naughty boy" on a chalkboard several times in prison, was not sincere and that the film overall gave a largely positive depiction of organized crime.
    WB: Killer and his mob with gunpoint rob a bank, and in so-doing they violently incapacitate a tattletale bank teller ("I'm going to tell-lll!"), an aspect to the robbery that was unshown. Also missing was Officer Flanagan throwing cheese to an actual rat while yelling, "Take that, you rat!"

"Tired and Feathered" (Larriva; 1965):

    ABC: The ending of this cartoon was edited so that after the dynamite telephone explodes, viewers did not see a dazed looking Wile E. standing in the remains of the telephone booth or the Road Runner beep-beeping and zooming away.

"To Hare is Human" (Jones; 1956):

    ABC: Wile E. looking into his sack and being blasted in the face by the detonating TNT inside of the sack, Wile E. suffering another dynamite explosion in his portable elevator, two hand grenades dropped by Wile E. into Bugs' toaster popping prematurely into a position beside Wile E. and exploding there, and the lit dynamite stick that Wile E. placed in Bugs' vacuum cleaner exploding in the trash can where Wile E. is hiding and into which Bugs dumped the contents of his vacuum cleaner bag, were all removed from this cartoon.

"Tom-Tom Tomcat" (Freleng; 1953):

    Merrie Melodies: Deleted was this scene after Tweety and Granny's rendition of "Ten Little Indians". A slender Indian putty tat drills a hole in the side of Tweety and Granny's fort shelter. The cat sticks his bow and arrow into the hole and aims to fire his arrow, but a rifle comes out of the hole and blasts the cat in the face, blowing away the upper half of his fur and causing the lower half thereof to fall to his feet like a pair of dropped pants. He quickly pulls his fur back to his waist level and walks out of shot with a dopey look on his face.

"Too Hop to Handle" (McKimson; 1956):

    ABC: Gone was part of this cartoon's first minute, Hippety Hopper jumping onto a nurse's back during his rapid passage through a park and the nurse turning toward a man, whom she thought was touching her for sexual purpose, and repeatedly striking him with her umbrella. "What did I do? What did I do?" the man asks.

"Tortoise Wins By a Hare" (Clampett; 1943):

    CN: After Bugs exclaims, "You FOOLS! What are you doing? I'M the rabbit! THE RABBIT!" the "gambling ring" thug rabbits say, "Eh, now he tells us!" before gun-shooting themselves in the head. The suicides are omitted from this cartoon, which jumps from, "Eh, now he tells us!" to the ending "That's all, Folks!" card.
    TBS: The rabbits pouncing upon Bugs at the finish line was shortened by a couple of seconds.

"Touche and Go" (Jones; 1957):

    CBS: A dog chasing a cat overturns a bucket of white paint, which also provides this cartoon's excuse for the cat obtaining her stripe. CBS spliced away the angry, paint-splattered man repeatedly kicking the dog down the road.

"Toy Trouble" (Jones; 1941):

    CN: The images of a blackface toy music band are eliminated from this cartoon.

"Transylvania 6-5000" (Jones; 1963):

    ABC: Bugs' line, "A wonderful place for a vacation," was gone. Count Bloodcount's reply, "It's never too late," was also omitted. Scenes of Count Bloodcount escorting Bugs through the castle were edited with Bugs' comment on the ghostly portraits muted. The reason for ABC deleting some of Bugs' arrival at the castle was that a noose is used by Bugs to operate the chimes to the castle. Nooses cannot be shown, whether used for their usual purpose or not.

"Trap-Happy Porky" (Jones; 1945):

    CN: The opening shot, of the sign stating "Uncle Tom's Cabins- Boarders Taken (For All They've Got!)", is deleted.
    WB: Same editing of "Uncle Tom's Cabins" as on CN. The scene wherein all of the cats singing "Moonlight Bay" drink some cider was edited out of this cartoon.

"Tree Cornered Tweety" (Freleng; 1956):

    ABC: Totally removed was the mine field scene, i.e. Tweety giving to Sylvester a magnet that attracts all of the mines to Sylvester to explode, and also missing was Sylvester on his skis plowing into a tree. One only hears the sound of the collision behind Tweety's back. Oddly enough, the same shot of the collision with the tree was untouched when it occurs in "Trip for Tat".

"Tree For Two" (Freleng; 1952):

    ABC: In 1994, this previously uncensored cartoon underwent some excisions, in particular to the scene near the cartoon's end wherein Chester pounds Sylvester on the ground. There was a false cut-away to Spike hiding behind the "Loans" building, and Chester is only heard doing the violent deed. Another quick cut: Spike kicking the semi-conscious Sylvester (who had been thrashed by Chester) to his feet.

"Trip For Tat" (Freleng; 1960):

    ABC: All portrayals of Orientals were unacceptable for broadcast on Bugs & Tweety from 1994 onward; hence, the scene in "Trip for Tat" involving a Japanese fisherman was edited. Neither was it any longer kosher to suggest that Italians are fat because they eat huge servings of spaghetti, because the final gag of this cartoon short with Sylvester in the Italian restaurant was censored so that all that was seen was Sylvester seated at the Italian dinner table and saying that birds are now off of his meal list.

"The Turn-Tale Wolf" (McKimson; 1952):

    FOX: The brief shot of Big Bad Wolf bootlegging in his house was cut from this cartoon.
    WB: One of the pigs scorning Big Bad with, "Go blow your brains out," was deleted.

"Tweet and Lovely" (Freleng; 1959):

    ABC: Tweety's line "An another! An another!" after Spike punches Sylvester was removed.

"Tweet and Sour" (Freleng; 1956):

    CBS: This cartoon was edited to eliminate the orange cat grabbing Sylvester's tail and repeatedly slamming Sylvester on the ground.

"Tweet Dreams" (Freleng; 1959):

    ABC: The scene from "Tweety's Circus" wherein the elephant hits Sylvester with his trunk was excised.

"Tweet, Tweet, Tweety" (Freleng; 1951):

    ABC: Excised was the scene wherein a stick of dynamite explodes in Sylvester's face while he is attempting to air pump Tweety out of a tree branch. Also gone was Tweety cutting the same branch on which Sylvester is standing and commenting, "The poor putty tat's parachute didn't open!" Furthermore, the scene with a crowd of tourists snapshooting Tweety was shortened to remove Tweety saying, "Atta boy, officer! Give him a hit in the head!"

"Tweety and the Beanstalk" (Freleng; 1957):

    ABC: The scene of the Chinese Tweety that closes this cartoon was excised from it on all broadcasts after 1995. There was an abrupt fade to black immediately after Sylvester arrives in China.

"Tweety's Circus" (Freleng; 1955):

    ABC: Sylvester malleting the lion was cut so that instead of him hitting the lion with the mallet six times, as is the case when this cartoon is unedited, he only registers one impact on the lion's head. Further, the lion was shown angrily arriving in front of Flammo the Fire Eater's vacant podium, with a jump to Sylvester already in a water bucket; missing here was Sylvester being confronted by the lion and Sylvester's impromptu impersonation of Flammo and his posterior-burning performance of Flammo's fire-eating act.

"Tweety's S.O.S." (Freleng; 1951):

    ABC: Excised were the following: Sylvester chases Tweety through every door in the ship. Tweety skips the heating furnace, but Sylvester runs inside of it and jumps from the ship's smokestack with his tail on fire; and when Sylvester confronts Tweety on the ship's deck, Tweety waves a picture of a boat to induce a relapse of Sylvester's prior seasickness.
    CBS: After Sylvester becomes trapped on a wire high above the ship, there was an abrupt cut to remove Tweety's "this little piggy" game with the cat's fingers that are preventing Sylvester from falling from the wire.

"Two's a Crowd" (Jones; 1950):

    ABC: The scene wherein Claude, in pursuit of Frisky, uses a plumber's helper to suck hot coals out of the house's furnace and, as a result, is ejected from the premises was edited out of this cartoon on Bugs & Tweety starting in 1994. Claude chases Frisky, who jumps down the furnace pipe, Claude runs to obtain the plunger, Frisky leaps out of the pipe, and there was a jump to the cartoon's final scene of Frisky eating the food in Claude's dish. Also missing was this: Claude utilizes a string of sausage links to lure Frisky to a line of lit dynamite sticks, but, of course, Claude incurs the explosion when Frisky frightens him from his behind and he flees to a closet containing the ready-to-detonate dynamite, and after Claude staggers out of the explosion-damaged closet, Frisky barks and startles Claude into ramming into a light fixture. Another scene was eliminated on earlier broadcasts (see CBS).
    CBS: Claude becoming dragged by the tail into a washing machine, being put through the laundry cycle, and emerging from the machine as a huge, wet blob, was censored on CBS and then on ABC until 1990.

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