The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"Canary Row" (Freleng; 1950):

    ABC: Deleted were Granny chasing Sylvester, walloping him with her umbrella after his bellhop disguise ploy, and scenes of Sylvester being electrified by the streetcar.

"Canned Feud" (Freleng; 1951):

    CBS: The scene wherein Sylvester tries to obtain the can opener from the mouse with use of a coat hanger and electrifies himself was edited. One could see what was going to happen as the coat hanger was snagging a power wire, but the electric surge and its effect on Sylvester was spliced out of the scene.
    Nickelodeon: Same scene cut as on CBS, albeit more cleanly- despite identical violence in "Yankee Dood It" being uncensored. Also removed was Sylvester trying to open the can with an axe, only to have the blade fly backwards through the mail slot as he swings the axe. However, a similar axe scene in "Moby Duck" was untouched.

"Case of the Missing Hare" (Jones; 1943):

    TBS: Sometimes, the opening that shows Ali Bama's posters plastered all over the telephone poles, fences, etc. was gone, possibly an edit for time.

"The Cat Came Back" (Freleng; 1936):

    Syndication: This cartoon had an entire series of scenes cut: mousetraps (during the opening training scenes), a plunger, and characters poking each other in the eyes.

"Cat Feud" (Jones; 1958):

    ABC: Significant shortening was done of the scene in which Marc Antony is repeatedly hit on the head with an I-beam. Also, a still shot of Pussyfoot asleep was overlain on Marc Antony punching the alley cat.

"Catch as Cats Can" (Davis; 1947):

    Syndication: The ending sequence of this cartoon appears to have been shortened for theatrical release. This is apparent in the final scene wherein the Sinatra canary discovers that Sylvester ate the Crosby parrot. Taking on Crosby-esque mannerisms, Sylvester croons "As Time Goes By", lights a pipe, and says "Ah, there's nothin' like vitamins" before the scene abruptly fades to black.

"Cats A-Weigh" (McKimson; 1953):

    CBS: Sylvester corners a real mouse, who quickly eats some vitamins and begins throwing Sylvester against the ship's walls, creating what Junior terms "a good impression". Since CBS spliced away the vitamin-eating, the viewer had no idea what made the little mouse so strong.

"The Cat's Bah" (Jones; 1954):

    ABC: The entire pre-flashback introduction, in which the camera assumes the point of view of a reporter interviewing Pepe "in his digs", was excised, no doubt because the skunk offers to the unseen reporter some champagne.

"Censored" (Tashlin; 1944; Private Snafu):

    Syndication: Missing from many prints of this Private Snafu short are the scenes showing Sally Lou completely topless.

"Chaser on the Rocks" (Larriva; 1965):

    ABC: The TNT ice-drink scene was missing.
    Syndication: It was previously believed that this cartoon had an alternate ending in which Wile E. Coyote is shot from the cannon and crashes into the sun as it sinks into the west. This originated from the book Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Warner Bros. Cartoons by Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald. Beck, who wrote the synopsis for the film, later revisited his work and found that it was actually an error and that no such ending actually exists. Click here to read more.

"Cheese Chasers" (Jones; 1951):

    WB: Cut from this cartoon was Hubie and Bertie hitting Claude on the foot.

"Cheese It- the Cat!" (McKimson; 1957):

    CBS: Two cuts: the mice slamming a door on the pursuing cat, flattening it into the shape of a table; Morton feeding the cat, tail first, into a garbage disposal and flipping the activation switch, with the shaved cat then sadly picking his fur out from under the sink.
    Merrie Melodies: Same edits as on CBS.

"Chili Weather" (Freleng; 1963):

    CBS: During the conveyor belt chase, Speedy ducking under a series of chopping devices that shave away half of Sylvester's fur, was removed.

"China Jones" (McKimson; 1959):

    Nickelodeon: The ending with Daffy being held prisoner in Porky's Chinese Laundromat was cut, so that one instead saw a fake iris-out over Porky's line: "Better to press shirt than to press luck!"

"Chow Hound" (Jones; 1951):

    CN: This cartoon ran unedited until 2001. Removed was the part when the mouse is dressed like an African savage returning the "Sabretoothed Alley Catus" to the zoo.
    FOX: Same cut of the mouse in African garb as on CN. Plus, FOX deleted this cartoon's final scene, of the mouse and the cat pouring gravy down the dog's throat. They say, "This time, we didn't forget the gravy!"
    Nickelodeon: Same cut as on CN.

"Claws For Alarm" (Jones; 1954):

    CBS: When a gun protrudes through a hole in the wall next to Porky's bed, Sylvester plugs its nozzle with his finger. The bullet then passes through his body and out his tail. This was spliced out of the cartoon.
    Merrie Melodies: The point at which Sylvester places a noose around his neck to show what could have happened to Porky, was deleted. Also missing was the scene wherein the mice lower a rope around Porky's neck and Sylvester cuts the rope with a razor.
    Nickelodeon: Sylvester saving Porky's life from the noose was removed from this cartoon, as too was the scene with the rifle-shooting moose head.
    CN: Same edits as on Nickelodeon.

"Claws in the Lease" (McKimson; 1963):

    ABC: In the 1994-2000 version, the scene faded to black when Sylvester is broom-bashed by the fat lady after he starts drinking from the milk dish that she has provided to Sylvester Jr.. The viewer saw Sylvester being hit with the broom once, but the scene abruptly ended there. Another cut and fake fade-out occurred near this cartoon's end at the point where the lady punches Sylvester on the head after yelling, "And it's all your fault, you stupid feline!" Also gone: Sylvester crashing out the window of the woman's house after doing his television commercial; the event is heard but not seen. This cartoon short was edited more severely when ABC showed it in 1988. Scenes of Sylvester Jr. running to summon Sylvester from the dump to come to the fat lady's house and Sylvester trying to drink the milk from the saucer were removed. The fat lady finds Junior on her doorstep and immediately carries him inside. Sylvester suddenly runs to the shut door of the house and begins pounding on it. The cartoon then jumped to the lady and Junior watching television; so, the fat lady hitting Sylvester with the broom was also excised.

"Confederate Honey" (Freleng; 1940):

    WB: Here is a detailed listing of what was cut:

    1. The sign reading, "Uncle Tom's Bungalows- $1.50 Per Night and up."
    2. All scenes with black cotton pickers.
    3. Slave doing the finishing touches on the dress.
    4. The slave validating tickets is partly cut; the part intact has an enlarged view so that one does not see who is validating the parking tickets.
    5. Enlarged view of Elmer entrusting his horse to a slave. The slave parking the horse is deleted.
    6. Slave waiting for Elmer to come for his horse
    7. The slave is again waiting for Elmer to come for his horse.
    8. The slave is still waiting for Elmer to come for his horse.

"Corn On the Cop" (Spector; 1965):

    ABC: Removed was Daffy being shot in the face by the robber's gun.
    WB: Same edit as on ABC.

"Corn Plastered" (McKimson; 1951):

    Nickelodeon: The whole scene wherein the crow claims that the little light inside of the refrigerator stays on, then traps the farmer inside of the refrigerator, was missing.
    WB: Same deletion as on Nickelodeon.

"A Coy Decoy" (Clampett; 1941):

    Merrie Melodies: Edited is the scene after Daffy sings "Get Along, Little Doggie" when he leaps into the book Black Beauty and comes out riding on the shoulders of a black Aunt Jemima.
    CN: The entire "Get Along, Little Doggie" scene is removed.
    Nickelodeon: Same edit as on Merrie Melodies.

"The Crackpot Quail" (Avery; 1941):

    Syndication: When this cartoon was originally released, the quail would constantly make a razzing noise in order to keep his top knot from falling down over his eyes, but most re-issue copies seen today replace the razz with a whistle.

"Crazy Cruise" (Avery and Clampett; 1942):

    CN: The scene with the Japanese vulture is shortened so the audience no longer sees the actual bird. The following entire racial scene was also entirely removed. Two hunters (caricatures of Friz Freleng and Michael Maltese) pointing guns to a trail, are with their pygmy companion. The two hunters walk off screen and a trapping is heard. The pygmy says some native gibberish, as well as, "They got them!" Two big natives have captured the hunters! One native says, "King size," while holding and comparing the heights of the two hunters, as if they were a pair of cigarettes.

"Cross-Country Detours" (Avery; 1940):

    CN: This whole scene is deleted: a frog is on a lilypad, and the narrator says, "Here we have a close-up of a frog croaking." Then, the frog shoots himself in the head with a gun. After this, there is a patron notice, indicating that the sponsors are not responsible for what has occurred.

"Crowing Pains" (McKimson; 1947):

    WB: The barnyard dog hanging on a tree branch and Sylvester about to swing the axe at him was edited out of the start of the cartoon. The cut went from the dog chasing Sylvester to Foghorn saying, "Let's bury the hatchet, but not in anyone's head!"
    Syndication: When this cartoon was reissued as a Blue Ribbon Merrie Melodie and its titles were replaced, the animated title sequence introducing Henery Hawk was excised in the process.

"Curtain Razor" (Freleng; 1949):

    CN: The wolf drinking gasoline is gone.
    Merrie Melodies: The scene in which the wolf drinks gasoline and swallows a match was gone, but not cut was his drinking of the atomic powder and TNT.
    Nickelodeon: Missing was the bird version of Al Jolson talking about his "Mammy".

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