The following is a list of all the Walter Lantz cartoons by production number.
Thanks to Mark Kausler, Dave Mackey, and the UCLA Walter Lantz Animation Archive for the information on this page.

5024: Ozzie of the Circus 5025: Permanent Wave 5031: Race Riot 5032: Oil's Well 5042: Snow Use 5043: Cold Turkey 5062: Nutty Notes 5063: Pussy Willie 5082: Snappy Salesman 5083: Amature Nite 5084: Kounty Fair 5125: Chilly Con Carmen 5126: Hurdy Gurdy 5127: Kisses and Kurses 5153: Broadway Folly 5154: Bowery Bimbos 5157: Tramping Tramps 5167: The Hash Shop 5168: The Prison Panic 5169: Hot for Hollywood 5194: Hells Heels 5195: My Pal Paul 5196: Not So Quiet 2205: Spooks 2206: Cold Feet 2210: Henpecked 141: The Singing Sap 142: The Detective 143: The Fowl Ball 144: The Navy 145: Mexico 146: Africa 147: Alaska 148: Mars 149: China 150: College 151: Shipwrecked 152: The Farmer 153: The Fireman 154: Sunny South 155: The Country School 156: The Bandmaster [1931] 157: Northwoods 158: The Stone Age 159: Radio Rhythm 160: Kentucky Belles 161: Hot Feet 162: The Hunter 163: Wonderland 164: The Hare Mail 165: The Fisherman 166: The Clown 481: Grandma's Pet 482: Mechanical Man 483: Wins Out 484: Beau and Arrows 485: Making Good 486: Let's Eat 487: The Winged Horse 488: Cat Nipped 489: A Wet Knight 490: A Jungle Jumble 491: Day Nurse 492: The Busy Barber 493: Carnival Capers 494: Wild And Woolly 495: Teacher's Pests 496: The Plumber 497: The Shriek 498: Going To Blazes 499: Beau Best 500: Ham and Eggs 501: Confidence 502: Five and Dime 503: The Zoo 504: Parking Space 505: The County Fair 506: The Candy House 507: Kings Up 508: The Toy Shoppe 509: The Ginger Bread Boy 510: Wolf! Wolf! 580: The Butcher Boy 581: The Athlete 582: The Crowd Snores 583: The Under Dog 584: Cats and Dogs 585: Merry Dog 586: The Terrible Troubador 587: The Lumber Champ 588: Hot and Cold 589: Nature's Workshop 590: Pin Feathers 59l: King Klunk 592: She Done Him Right 593: The Merry Old Soul 594: Chicken Reel 680: Annie Moved Away 681: Goldielocks and the Three Bears 682: William Tell 683: The Wax Works 684: Ye Happy Pilgrims 685: Chris Columbus, Jr. 686: The Dizzy Dwarf 687: Sky Larks 688: Jolly Little Elves 689: Robinson Crusoe Isle 690: Spring in the Park 691: Candyland 692: Toyland Premiere 693: The Hillbilly 695: Two Little Lambs 696: Do A Good Deed 697: Springtime Serenade 698: Elmer the Great Dane 699: Towne Hall Follies 800: Three Lazy Mice 801: At Your Service 802: Bronco Buster 803: Amateur Broadcast 804: The Fox and the Rabbit 805: The Quail Hunt 806: Monkey Wretches 807: Case of the Lost Sheep 808: Doctor Oswald 809: Soft Ball Game 810: Alaska Sweepstakes 811: Slumberland Express 812: Beauty Shoppe 813: The Barnyard Five 814: Fun House 815: Farming Fools 816: Battle Royal 817: Kiddie Revue 818: Music Hath Charms 819: Beach Combers 820: Night Life of the Bugs 821: The Puppet Show 822: The Unpopular Mechanic 823: Gopher Trouble 824: Everybody Sing 825: Duck Hunt 826: The Birthday Party 827: Trailer Thrills 828: The Wily Weasel 829: The Playful Pup 100: Turkey Dinner 101: Knights for a Day 102: The Golfers 103: House of Magic 104: The Big Race 105: The Lumber Camp 106: The Steel Workers 107: The Stevedores 108: The Country Store 109: Firemens Picnic 110: The Rest Resort 111: Ostrich Feathers 112: The Air Express 830: Lovesick 831: The Keeper of the Lions 832: The Mysterious Jug 833: The Mechanical Handy Man 834: The Lamp Lighter 835: The Dumb Cluck 836: Football Fever 837: Problem Child 838: Trade Mice 839: Hollywood Bowl 840: Man Hunt 841: Yokel Boy Makes Good 842: Nellie the Sewing Machine Girl (or Honest Hearts & Willing Hands) 843: Cheese-Nappers 844: Feed the Kitty 845: Tail End 846: Barnyard Romeo 847: The Big Cat and the Little Mousie 848: Happy Scouts 849: Nellie the Indian Chief's Daughter 950: Movie Phoney News 951: Voodoo in Harlem 952: Pixie Land 953: The Silly Seals 954: Ghost Town Frolics 955: Queen's Kittens 956: The Rabbit Hunt 957: The Cat and the Bell 958: Sailor Mouse 959: Soup to Mutts 960: The Disobedient Mouse 961: Little Blue Blackbird 962: Baby Kittens 963: Crackpot Cruise 964: The One-Armed Bandit 965: Little Tough Mice 966: The Magic Beans 967: The Birth of a Toothpick 968: I'm Just a Jitterbug 969: A Haunting We Will Go 970: Charlie Cuckoo 971: Nellie of the Circus 972: Snuffy's Party 973: Bolo-Mola Land 974: Life Begins for Andy Panda 975: The Bird on Nellie's Hat 976: The Sleeping Princess 977: Arabs with Dirty Fezzes 979: The Stubborn Mule 980: Slaphappy Valley 981: Silly Superstition 983: Andy Panda Goes Fishing 984: Scrambled Eggs 985: Kitten's Mittens 986: 100 Pygmies and Andy Panda 987: Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr. 990: Crazy House 991: Recruiting Daze 992: Knock Knock 993: Syncopated Sioux 994: Mouse Trappers 995: Fair Today 996: Hysterical Highspots in American History 997: Dizzy Kitty 998: Salt Water Daffy 999: Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat 1000: Woody Woodpecker 1002: Andy Panda's Pop 1003: The Screwdriver 1004: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company "B" 1005: Man's Best Friend 1006: Pantry Panic 1007: $21 a Day (Once a Month) 1008: Under the Spreading Blacksmith Shop 1009: The Hollywood Matador 1010: The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured 1011: Goodbye Mr. Moth 1012: Mother Goose On the Loose 1013: Nutty Pine Cabin 1014: Ace in the Hole 1015: Juke Box Jamboree 1016: Pigeon Patrol C-1: Yankee Doodle Swing Shift C-2: Andy Panda's Victory Garden C-3: The Loan Stranger C-4: Boogie Woogie Sioux C-5: Air Raid Warden C-6: The Screwball C-7: Cow Cow Boogie C-8: Swing Your Partner C-9: The Dizzy Acrobat C-10: The Egg Cracker Suite C-11: Canine Commandos C-12: Ration Bored C-13: Pass the Biscuits Mirandy D-1: Boogie Woogie Man (Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out) D-2: Meatless Tuesday D-3: The Greatest Man In Siam D-4: The Barber of Seville D-5: Jungle Jive D-6: Fish Fry D-7: Abou Ben Boogie D-8: The Beach Nut D-9: Ski For Two D-10: The Pied Piper of Basin Street D-11: The Painter and the Pointer D-12: Chew-Chew Baby D-13: Sliphorn King of Polaroo E-1: Woody Dines Out E-2: Crow Crazy E-3: The Dippy Diplomat E-4: Mousie Come Home E-5: The Loose Nut E-6: The Poet and Peasant F-1: Who's Cookin Who? F-2: Apple Andy F-3: The Reckless Driver F-4: Bathing Buddies F-5: Fair Weather Fiends F-6: The Wacky Weed F-7: Smoked Hams F-8: Well Oiled F-9: The Coo Coo Bird F-10: Musical Moments from Chopin F-11: Overture to William Tell F-12: Solid Ivory F-13: Woody the Giant Killer UA-1: Pixie Picnic UA-2: The Mad Hatter [originally G-1] UA-3: Banquet Busters UA-4: Kiddie Koncert UA-5: The Bandmaster [1947; originally F-13 which would later be reassigned to "Woody the Giant Killer"] UA-6: Wacky-Bye Baby UA-8: Playful Pelican UA-9: Wet Blanket Policy UA-10: Dog Tax Dodgers UA-11: Wild and Woody UA-12: Scrappy Birthday UA-13: Drooler's Delight U-1: Puny Express U-2: Sleep Happy U-3: Wicket Wacky U-4: Slingshot 6 7/8 U-5: The Redwood Sap U-6: The Woody Woodpecker Polka U-7: Destination Meatball U-8: Born to Peck U-9: Stage Hoax U-10: Woodpecker in the Rough U-11: Scalp Treatment U-12: The Great Who-Dood-It U-13: Termites From Mars U-14: What's Sweepin' U-15: The Dog That Cried Wolf U-16: Buccaneer Woodpecker U-17: The Mouse and the Lion U-18: Operation Sawdust U-19: The Flying Turtle U-20: Wrestling Wrecks U-21: Maw and Paw U-22: Belle Boys U-23: Plywood Panic U-24: Hypnotic Hick U-25: Chilly Willy U-26: Hot Noon (or 12 O'Clock For Sure) U-27: A Horse's Tale U-28: Socko in Morocco U-29: Dig That Dog U-30: Alley to Bali U-31: Hay Rube U-32: Under the Counter Spy U-33: Real Gone Woody U-34: Hot Rod Huckster U-35: Broadway Bow Wow's U-36: A Fine Feathered Frenzy U-37: Pig in a Pickle U-38: Convict Concerto U-39: Crazy Mixed Up Pup U-40: Helter Shelter U-41: The Legend of Rockabye Point U-42: Witch Crafty U-43: I'm Cold U-44: Private Eye Pooch U-45: Flea for Two U-46: Bedtime Bedlam U-47: Paw's Night Out U-48: Sh-h-h-h-h-h U-49: Square Shootin' Square U-50: Bunco Busters U-51: Hot and Cold Penguin U-52: After the Ball U-53: The Tree Medic U-54: Get Lost U-55: Pigeon Holed U-56: The Ostrich Egg and I U-57: Room and Wrath U-58: Chief Charlie Horse U-59: Woodpecker From Mars U-60: Arts and Flowers U-61: The Talking Dog U-62: Calling All Cuckoos U-63: Hold That Rock U-64: Niagara Fools U-65: To Catch a Woodpecker U-66: Woody Meets Davy Crewcut U-67: Plumber of Seville U-68: Fowled Up Party U-69: Red Riding Hoodlum U-70: Operation Cold Feet U-71: Box Car Bandit U-72: The Unbearable Salesman U-73: International Woodpecker U-74: Round Trip to Mars U-75: Dopey Dick the Pink Whale U-76: The Goofy Gardener U-77: The Big Snooze U-78: Fodder and Son U-79: Swiss Miss-Fit U-80: Watch the Birdie U-81: The Bongo Punch U-82: Misguided Missile U-83: Half Empty Saddles U-84: Salmon Yeggs U-85: Polar Pests U-86: A Chilly Reception U-87: His Better Elf U-88: Yukon Have It U-89: Everglade Raid U-90: Three-Ring Fling U-91: Tree's a Crowd U-92: Robinson Gruesome U-93: Jittery Jester U-94: Truant Student U-95: Tomcat Combat U-96: Little Televillain U-97: Log Jammed U-98: Bee Bopped U-99: Panhandle Scandal U-100: Romp in a Swamp U-101: The Tee Bird U-102: Woodpecker in the Moon U-103: Space Mouse U-104: Mouse Trapped U-105: Kiddie League U-106: Witty Kitty U-107: Billion Dollar Boner U-108: Pistol Packin' Woodpecker U-109: Heap Big Hepcat U-110: Ballyhooey U-111: How to Stuff a Woodpecker U-112: Bats in the Belfry U-113: Hunger Strife U-114: Fish Hooked U-115: Ozark Lark U-116: Freeloading Feline U-117: Fowled Up Falcon U-118: Rough and Tumbleweed U-119: Southern Fried Hospitality U-120: Poop Deck Pirate U-121: Eggnapper U-122: The Bird Who Came to Dinner U-123: Papoose on the Loose U-124: Gabby's Diner U-125: St. Moritz Blitz U-126: Bear and the Bees U-127: Sufferin' Cats U-128: Clash and Carry U-129: Franken-stymied U-130: Mississippi Slow Boat U-131: Busman's Holiday U-132: Tricky Trout U-133: Woody's Kook-Out U-134: Case of the Red-Eyed Ruby U-135: Phantom of the Horse Opera U-136: Rock-a-Bye Gator U-137: Tin Can Concert (Presents "The Cinderella Overture" by Rossini) U-138: Home Sweet Homewrecker U-139: Doc's Last Stand U-140: Room and Bored U-141: Phoney Express U-142: Crowin' Pains U-143: Pest of Show U-144: Tragic Magic U-145: Punchy Pooch U-146: Calling Dr. Woodpecker U-147: Mackerel Moocher U-148: Rocket Racket U-149: Hyde and Sneak U-150: Careless Caretaker U-151: Fowled-Up Birthday U-152: Voo-Doo Boo-Boo U-153: Mother's Little Helper U-154: Little Woody Riding Hood U-155: Fish and Chips U-156: Greedy Gabby Gator U-157: Corny Concerto U-158: Coming Out Party U-159: Case of the Cold Storage Yegg U-160: Robin Hoody Woody U-161: Charlie's Mother-in-Law U-162: Stowaway Woody U-163: Hi-Seas Hi-Jacker U-164: Shutter Bug U-165: Salmon Loafer U-166: Coy Decoy U-167: Goose in the Rough U-168: The Tenant's Racket U-169: Pesky Pelican U-170: Short in the Saddle U-171: The Goose is Wild U-172: Tepee For Two U-173: Science Friction U-174: Dumb Like a Fox U-175: Woody's Clip Joint U-176: The Case of the Maltese Chicken U-177: Deep Freeze Squeeze U-178: Saddle Sore Woody U-179: Skinfolks U-180: Rah Rah Ruckus U-181: Lighthouse Keeping Blues U-182: Get Lost! Little Doggy U-183: Freeway Fracas U-184: Rooftop Razzle Dazzle U-185: Ski-napper U-186: Roamin' Roman U-187: Three Little Woodpeckers U-188: The Case of the Elephant's Trunk U-189: Fractured Friendship U-190: Woodpecker Wanted U-191: Birds of a Feather U-192: Guest Who? U-193: Canned Dog Fued U-194: Half Baked Alaska U-195: Janie Get Your Gun U-196: Davey Cricket U-197: Sioux Me U-198: Pesty Guest U-199: What's Peckin' U-200: Rough Riding Hood U-201: Woody and the Beanstalk U-202: Teeny Weeny Meany U-203: Lonesome Ranger U-204: Operation Shanghai U-205: The Big Bite U-206: Snow Place Like Home U-207: Foot Brawl U-208: Hassle in a Castle U-209: Astronut Woody U-210: South Pole Pals U-211: Practical Yolk U-212: Polar Fright U-213: Window Pains U-214: Sissy Sheriff U-215: Monster of Ceremonies U-216: Vicious Viking U-217: Have Gun Can't Travel U-218: Nautical Nut, The U-219: Hot Time on Ice U-220: Hot Diggity Dog U-221: Mouse in the House U-222: Horse Play U-223: Chilly and the Woodchopper U-224: Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker U-225: Chilly Chums U-226: Under Sea Dogs U-227: Jerky Turkey U-228: Lotsa Luck U-229: Chiller Dillers U-230: Peck of Trouble U-231: Fat in the Saddle U-232: Paste Makes Waste U-233: Woody the Freeloader U-234: Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin U-235: Highway Hecklers U-236: A Lad in Bagdad U-237: One Horse Town U-238: Bugged in a Rug U-239: Hook Line and Stinker U-240: Little Skeeter U-241: Gopher Broke U-242: Project Reject U-243: Woody's Knight Mare U-244: Tumble Weed Greed U-245: Charlie's Camp Out U-246: Chilly and the Looney Gooney U-247: Ship A'hoy Woody U-248: Prehistoric Super Salesman U-249: Cool It, Charlie U-250: Sleepy Time Bear U-251: Phoney Pony U-252: Charlie in Hot Water U-253: Seal on the Loose U-254: Gooney's Goofy Landings U-255: Wild Bill Hiccup U-256: Charlie's Golf Classic U-257: Chilly's Ice Folly U-258: Coo Coo Nuts U-259: Hi-Rise Wise Guys U-260: The Unhandy Man U-261: Buster's Last Stand U-262: Chilly's Cold War U-263: All Hams on Deck U-264: Flim Flam Fountain U-265: A Gooney is Born U-266: Sleepy Time Chimes U-267: The Reluctant Recruit U-268: Charlie the Rainmaker U-269: How to Trap a Woodpecker U-270: Airlift A La Carte U-271: Woody's Magic Touch U-272: The Bungling Builder U-273: Kitty from the City U-274: Chilly's Hide-A-Way U-275: The Snoozin' Bruin U-276: Moochin' Pooch U-277: Shanghai Woody U-278: The Rude Intruder U-279: Indian Corn U-280: Let Charlie Do It U-281: Gold Diggin' Woodpecker U-282: A Fish Story U-283: Pecking Holes in Poles U-284: Rain, Rain, Go Away U-285: Chili Con Corny U-286: Show Biz Beagle U-287: For the Love of Pizza U-288: Unlucky Potluck U-289: The Genie with the Light Touch U-290: Bye, Bye, Blackboard 480: The Wicked West [possibly a reissue of the 1929 Winkler Oswald of the same name] 511: Ocean Hop 512: Mechanical Cow 513: All Wet 514: Trolley Troubles 515: Great Guns 516: Oh, Teacher MN-2648: Take Heed Mr. Tojo MN-1511: The Enemy Bacteria CC-A: The Mountain Flower CC-B: Fisherman's Luck CC-C: Pirate's Treasure CC-D: The Three Pigs CC-E: The Wise Little Woodchopper CC-G: The Gallant Tailor CC-H: Aladdin's Lamp CC-K: Pancho's Rainbow CC-L: Jack and the Beanstalk CC-M: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse CC-?: Woodland Symphony CC-?: The Old Woman in the Shoe CC-1: The Lion and the Mouse CC-2: Ali Baba and the Thieves CC-3: The Fox and the Grapes CC-4: The Grasshopper and the Ants CC-5: The Hound and the Rabbit CC-6: Symphony Night CC-7: The Tortoise and the Hare CC-8: Little Red Riding Hood C-100: Reddy Made Magic C-109: The Egg and I [promotion film for the 1947 Universal feature] C-110: The Story of Human Energy C-112: Gremlin Mr. N'Tane UA-16: Cat-Nappy [unproduced] U-89: Trail Blazin' Rangers [unproduced/production number reassigned to "Everglade Raid"] SS-1: Jungle Medics SM-1: The Secret Weapon TC-3: Spook-a-Nanny Unknown: Boy Meets Dog! Unknown: The Melancholy King [unproduced] Unknown: Red Riding Hood [unproduced] Unknown: Derby Nite [unproduced] Unknown: Loggy Logger [unproduced]