Volume 1:

SIDE ONE: Wreckless Romances

Real Gone Woody
Scrappy Birthday
Belle Boys
Broadway Bow Wow's
The Woody Woodpecker Polka
Pigeon Patrol
Bear and the Bees

Tell Me a Story, Uncle Woody

Red Riding Hoodlum
Woody the Giant Killer
Who's Cookin Who?
Little Woody Riding Hood
Get Lost!
The Sleeping Princess
Woody and the Beanstalk

Volume 2:

Foolish Fables

The Mouse and the Lion
The Dog That Cried Wolf
Kittens' Mittens
The Flying Turtle
Scrambled Eggs
Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr.
Three Lazy Mice
The Talking Dog

I'm Chilly Willy

Chilly Willy
Operation Cold Feet
Airlift A La Carte
Half-Baked Alaska
Hold That Rock
Polar Pests
Chilly's Hide-A-Way

Volume 3:
Musical Minatures

The Overture to William Tell
Kiddie Koncert
Plumber of Seville
The Pied Piper of Basin Street
Pixie Picnic
The Bongo Punch
Jungle Jive
Sliphorn King of Polaroo

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