FAMILY PLANNING (1967) - Forum.
Over the last three months, I celebrated Donald Duck's 85th anniversary by watching almost all of his cartoons off of The Chronological Donald Walt Disney Treasures sets (as well as three additional wartime shorts on the first disc of Walt Disney on the Front Lines and Steel and America and Donald's Fire Survival Plan off of YouTube). However, I haven't found Family Planning (Donald's last classic short, released in late 1967 and produced for the Population Council) anywhere online - I am aware that it, as well as S&A and DFSP, was/were never released on a Walt Disney Treasures DVD set.

Is there anywhere I can watch this short off of - YouTube, Dailymotion, Internet Archive...?
PopKorn Kat
Here you go - the first result on Google: 
This originally was on one of Steve's special DVDs. Then few years later Stave uploaded or someone on his behalf uploaded more cleaner print.