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Regarding stop-motion, I know Art Clokey did some Coca-Cola commercials shortly before or after he did "Gumbasia". Unfortunately, none of have shown up on the Internet yet.
That looks like his style all right.
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I suspect that the first two are from the fifties or early sixties, while the third unknown is probably from the nineties or 21st century. All of these grabs are from a video taken by a cell-phone at the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta.

That dog character from the last screencap is actually Barky from "Bad Dog" (a 1998 Canadian cartoon series made by Cinegroupe for Fox Kids).

Uhh....maybe he appeared in a Coke commercial or was originally sponsored in Canada by their country's Coca-Cola division.

Maybe he started out in commercials?
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"Musical Miniatures" was a series of Walter Lantz cartoons released in the 1940s. They were musically-themed and there were only four of them. And no, they weren't commercials for anything. Just standalone theatrical shorts.

The fact that the title was used overseas for Coca-Cola commercials is new to me.
Try United States Library of Congress Coca-Cola section.

(PM Steve Stanchfield of Thunderbean for more details);;;;;;;
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Here's another Coca-Cola commercial. Definitely not Lantz: 
Was that the same snowman that was in Fischerkoesen's most well-known short?
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I guess Coca-Cola cartoon commercials are a very specialized part of collecting.

I'm a fan of Walter Lantz's output and am interested in collecting the Coke commercials they produced, but not all of them are online and I wouldn't know where to start.

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So, did Universal produce their own cartoons or did they sub them out to other production companies? I know the quality of the cartoon presented here is absolutely horrible, but does it look like it might be a Walter Lantz cartoon? The thing that bugs me about this particular 1958 cartoon commercial is the old Coke themed music no longer used from 1956 onward and the added out of place live action at the end. Thanks, Brad

Please forgive me for the extremely late reply, and there's a chance that you already know this, but Universal didn't have their own animation studio. Walter Lantz Productions was an independent studio. As for the Coke commercials, Lantz likely approved the deal himself, without any involvement from Universal. (There are no Universal copyrights on the Lantz Coke commercials in one of your last posts.)
I wonder how many of these Minitoons Coca-Cola theater ads were made.
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Dear Forum members. Please see my notes regarding the materials I have on the Walter Lantz Coca-Cola Minitoons.

I have a collection of 35mm Walter Lantz Coca-Cola films in the original film canisters.

I worked for Coca-Cola in Atlanta for many years and was the director of The World of Coca-Cola (museum and attraction). During that time I was contacted regarding these films to see if we wanted them as they were going to be destroyed. I got them and have had them since the early 1990s. The Company did not have any need for them as they already had copies in the archives from all of the Lantz productions in English and other languages.

After I obtained these we had the idea to produce limited edition prints of various images from the films for retail sale in the Company-owned stores. The legal department saw no issue with this, however, plans never materialized.

I have four canisters of 35mm nitrate films that have been very carefully stored in my office here in New Jersey. I have images from 35mm slides that were produced from the films along with photos of the canisters. I also have copies of some of the legal documents from Coca-Cola in the late 1940s including Walter Lantz's signature on the docs. My email is if you would like to contact me directly. Thanks!!