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New Posts  Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck Super Stars DVD prints in 4:3
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New Posts  1997-1998 "Dubbed" versions list
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New Posts  What makes a particular cartoon famous?
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New Posts  eBay finds thread (continued)
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New Posts  Wish List
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Carmen Get It
From SuperMuppet64: I had intended to rate this 7/10. I think this is Deitch's best T&J short along with "Cartoon Kit."

Deputy Droopy
From ToonStar95: One of my favorite Droopy cartoons. I just love the methods the outlaws use to run outside and make noises and not wake up the sheriff. I also like how Ed Benedict's stylized designs show up before he ...

The Karnival Kid
From bcToonist2837: This is the first Mickey cartoon to use an extensive amount of dialogue as well as lip sync. Mickey even speaks his first words ("hot dogs"). However, he does not have his familiar high-pitched voice ...

The Plowboy
From bcToonist2837: In this short, Mickey is a farmer. In the beginning, Mickey does his chores to the accompanying music (He must have knew about whistling while you work long before Snow White.), and it worked out nice ...

When the Cat's Away
From bcToonist2837: This short is inspired by the phrase "When the cat's away, the mice will play." The cat in this case is not Pete, it is what could possibly be a skinnier relative of his. (The cat's name is Tom Cat.) ...

The Opry House
From bcToonist2837: As you can see in "Steamboat Willie", Mickey demonstrates a talent for playing music. This becomes a trait for the character in both later black-and-white and color Mickey cartoons. I enjoyed the scen ...

The Barn Dance
From bcToonist2837: This cartoon is loaded with great gags. I also enjoy the romantic rivalry between Mickey and Pete. Similar to "Get a Horse", a tribute to the black-and-white Mickey cartoons made by Disney decades lat ...

Gallopin' Gaucho
From bcToonist2837: The best scenes would have to be the dancing at the beginning and the sword fight at the end. Both scenes have good animation. I also found the drunk ostrich funny.

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Cool Cat

Rated by: SuperMuppet64

The Explosive Mr. Magoo

Rated by: Toonatic

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Rated by: Anthony White

Elroy's Mob

Rated by: Anthony White

The Lorax

Rated by: Anthony White

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