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Scrap Happy Daffy (Warner Brothers, 1943)


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The Little Whirlwind
From Soren: That's a great Mickey Mouse short. It's one of those cartoons where you can clearly see the contribution of Mickey as a character. In many Mickey's shorts people keep saying that having Donald in his ...

Ain't We Got Fun
From ToonStar95: Forgive me for saying so, bit I think this is one of Avery's dullest. When I saw this, I believed this to be a Freleng outing.

The Bogeyman
From PopKorn Kat: Strangely, the design for the Bogeyman is based off the "Bogyman" in the unpublished Little Lulu comic book story "The Bogyman".

Bill Posters
From Soren: At this point the formula of the characters doing various job was going dry, but Donald and Goofy are two geniuses of comedy, and they would manage to make anything funny. Anyway, in these D&G shorts ...

The Band Concert
From Soren: What can be said that has not been said? This is not only a milestone short, but it's the perfect cartoon, for look, animation, entertainment, and characters personality. Mickey and Donald are at th ...

Alice's Egg Plant
From ToonStar95: Watching this cartoon, it seems eerily predictive of the Disney studio's own 1941 strike, which Walt would end up blaming on Communists.

Kitty Foiled
From Toadette: A not-so-typical example of Tom and Jerry at their prime, this cartoon introduces a pet canary into the well-established violent dynamic. Unlike later cartoons in which the side characters were just a ...

From Toadette: My latest write-up is devoted to this most unique, special gem from the NFBC! About all I have to add is that if you haven't seen it, watch it. ASAP. https://ontheones.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/making- ...

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Fowled-Up Birthday

Rated by: EmiozunaToonz

The Little Whirlwind

Rated by: Soren

Music Land

Rated by: CDCB

Music Land

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Steamboat Willie

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